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Family School Liaison Program

The Family School Liaison Program is a free, client-based, goal-focused program provided by Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).  The goal of this program is to encourage individual growth and development for personal well-being.
Supported by Aspen View Schools, Alberta Health Services – Mental Health, and the M.D. of Lesser Slave River, the program is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of children and youth who are experiencing difficulties. It provides support, encouragement, and ideas in a non-judgmental, confidential manner. The program is preventative and involvement is voluntary and intended to be short-term.
The Family School Liaison Worker will work with your child to:
  • Provide regular sessions with the child or youth to help him/her succeed in achieving the goals that have been set.
  • Liaison with the families and school staff to further support the child or youth.
  • Facilitate specialized small groups of students with similar goals.
  • Provide resources and information to children, youth, families, and/or school staff.
**Some requests for services may not be suitable for the Family School Liaison Program. In such cases, a referral to other services and/or resources will be made.**
Individual goals may focus on:
  • Emotional Concerns:  self-esteem, self-control, managing emotions, grief and loss, stress, changes, coping skills.
  • Social Concerns:  problem solving, social skills, communication, relationships with friends/peers.
  • Family Concerns:  divorce or separation, parent-child conflict, sibling conflict.
  • School Based Concerns:  transition to a new school, relationships with others, and classroom issues.
This Program is offered at:
  • Whispering Hills Primary School
  • Landing Trail Intermediate School
  • Edwin Parr Composite School
  • Boyle School
  • Grassland School
  • Rochester School
  • Wandering River School
  • Outreach School
How can Services be accessed?
Children, youth, parents/guardians, school staff, or community members can contact a worker directly through Family and Community Support Services or through school counsellors or administrators.