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Mentorship Program

The Program
The Athabasca Mentorship Program (AMP) offers a great opportunity for you to get to know a child in Grade 3 and 4.   As a mentor you will spend one hour a week, during school hours, with a child from Whispering Hills School or Landing Trail School. You spend your time together in the school over the lunch hour having lunch, then doing a range of activities you are both interested in. Either way, there will be something in it for both of you.
Why mentoring?
We’ve all been touched by someone who brought possibility and inspiration into our lives. Spending as little as an hour a week with a young person – in our local school – can make a big difference.
Mentoring increases positive behaviour while reducing negative behaviours
It has a positive impact on a young person’s school attendance, social skills, attitude and behaviour with friends and family
Mentoring is also shown to play a role in preventing or reducing child/youth involvement in alcohol, drugs and crime
Mentoring is a powerful way of supporting a young person by teaching them skills, listening to their perspectives and fostering in them a sense of belonging
There’s a waiting list of young people who can benefit from your life experiences, guidance & friendship.  A small investment of time can have a positive lifelong impact on a young person.
Getting started
Applications are sent out to all students in Grades 3 & 4 and then the mentorship coordinator works closely with school staff to identify students who would benefit from having a positive adult role model to visit with each week.
If the student is interested in participating in the program, parental consent is obtained. The student and mentor begin meeting in the school for one hour, once a week from October to May of that school year.
What makes a good mentor?
  • Someone who likes spending time with kids
  • Someone who’s encouraging and can offer inspiration
  • Someone with a range of interests and who is open to ideas and new activities
Your investment of time adds up to little moments that can make a big difference. Think back to your own childhood.
What experiences shaped who you are today? Who influenced you? Who had an impact? Spending just an hour with a child each week can touch your life and theirs.
How to Apply
Volunteers interested in becoming a mentor must complete a Mentorship Application Form. The form can be downloaded, printed, filled out and submitted in person or by email to the FCSS Athabasca office.
The application process also includes the following:
  • Alberta Children’s Services – Intervention Record Check;
  • Police Security Check/Vulnerable Sector Check;
  • Interview- once the above screening information has been received, applicants will be contacted for an interview;
  • Training Session- once all of the above requirements have been fulfilled, a mandatory training session will be held before the match starts.
To get involved please contact the Mentorship Coordinator at  780-675-2623
Here’s what some of the participants had to say:
"Excellent program. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work!"
— mentor
"The program contributes to build a better community.”
— mentor
"It gives you a good opportunity to get to know someone really well.”
— student
"It’s fun, it helps you understand life.”
— student
"My son has loved getting to know his mentor. He has been a huge influence in his life.”
— parent