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IDP - Town of Athabasca & Athabasca County

The Town of Athabasca and Athabasca County have engaged ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. (ISL) to update the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). The IDP is a coordinated and cooperative policy framework to address future growth and development-related matters of joint interest between the municipalities, including future land use surrounding the Town.

The existing IDP was adopted in 2011, and the plan requires updating to make sure that it remains current and reflects the future growth needs of both the Town and County. The update will also ensure the plan meets the new requirements of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), and reflects new and emerging priorities in the area.

To learn more read the Background Report .

Project Timeline

We are currently in Phase 1: Project Initiation.

In Phase 1, we will be gathering preliminary ideas for vision and direction for the IDP process, and learning about issues and opportunities to consider. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all engagement in Phase 1 will be conducted online or via phone. 

Plan area landowners, residents, and other stakeholders will have key roles in the update of the IDP. There will be opportunities to share ideas and perspectives on topics such as:

  • future land use within the IDP plan area;
  • transportation and connectivity in the plan area: and
  • areas of environmental importance such as wetlands, water bodies, riparian areas, and more. 

Your participation and feedback is important to help inform and shape the update to the IDP.

Watch the Project Video:

For additional information, please contact:

Rachel Ramey, CAO
Town of Athabasca
T: 780-675-2063
E: rachel@athabasca.ca


Christa Wilkinson, Development Officer
Athabasca County

T: 780-675-2273
E: Development2@athabascacounty.com


Dave McRae, RPP, MCIP
ISL, Project Manager