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Alertable is a multi-purpose communication service used to send alerts to residents, businesses, and visitors. That way, you stay aware and keep yourself and others informed and up-to-date. 

You can choose notifications for more than one location such as home, office, cabin, and more.  Any event or communication related to your specified locations will be forwarded to you using your preferred communication channel. 

Download the FREE Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Install the FREE Alertable skill and action for Amazon Alexa and Hey Google home devices. Get desktop and browser notifications from Alertable.ca.

After downloading the app, follow the in-app instructions for set up. You will be asked to set your preferences for critical alerts and advisory alerts. Critical alerts are issued for extremely severe events that may require immediate action. Advisory Alerts are issued so you are aware and can prepare for an event. Notifications are fast, reliable and easy to see and hear.  

To change your settings later, open the app and select ‘Settings’ to adjust and personalize alerts and sounds.